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"I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope."

Jeremiah 29:11


Remedy is our Rocky Mountain horse that we found in 2008 in Arroyo Grande.  He is originally from Northern California, is 16 years old and loves to be the center of attention & being brushed.  He is a reliable and steady horse with no vices, although he does have a metabolic medical issue much like diabetes. No sugar for him! Like all of our horses, Remedy is barefoot with no horse shoes and has very hard feet.


Clay is originally from Tennessee and was brought to California by a horse trainer in Napa CA.  Clay has a speed rack indicative of the Tennessee Walker/Spotted Mountain horse breed.  His gait includes a long reach that covers a lot of ground in just one stride.  He is an easy going 16 year old and our biggest equine buddy.  He and Remedy like to tease each other when turned out for play time, and often buck and kick at each other all in good horsey fun!


AKA "Gracie Girl".  We bought Grace from a private seller in Orange County who rode her regularly next to traffic in a 6 lane busy city street.  She is a sweet girl and the only mare on the Ranch.  She has a long back which makes it difficult for her to carry anyone over 180 pounds, but has proven to be a great kids and smaller adult horse.  Her gentle, willing nature will increase your confidence as you get to know this blue-eyed 15 year old beauty.


What a beautiful buckskin boy!  I found Buckeye in Pennsylvania of all places!  I wanted an Icelandic Horse that was good with kids, and had to expand my search all the way across the United States!  He traveled over 2,500 miles to meet you!  He is the youngest member of our herd at 10 years old and loves to follow everyone around like a giant dog.  He is easy going and very willing to do what you ask.  His winter coat is about 2" long and very dark.

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