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We are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus

to do good works, which God prepared in

advance for us to do."

Ephesians 2:10

Be Our Guest!

Come to our "neck of the woods" and explore what it is like to function as a Nonprofit Organization that shares their many blessings with the community.  We love our horse family and would like you to get to know them too.  A typical Session with a Leader is 1-1/2 hours long and looks something like this:  


1.   Read our website and forms to familiarize yourself with our procedures and policies.


2.   Sign up for the time slot that you would prefer on the fillable form provided at the end of this page.  Please be sure to note the ages of the children that you will be bringing.


3.   Email or snail-mail the form back to Remedy Ranch at:

mail to: Remedy Ranch, Inc. PO Box 6532, Ventura,CA 93006. Please note cannot accept mail directly to the ranch, as there is no mailbox (It was destroyed).

4.   Wait for our response to schedule the Saturday that will be reserved for you.Due to

our limited space, herd size and volunteer base, it may take several months of being on a waiting list for you to have a scheduled visit. However, we are dedicated to hosting

everyone who would like to visit us.  On occasion, we will have special groups at the ranch such as the Thomas Fire Survivors, Foster Care Families and others that might delay your visit.


5.   Once you receive confirmation of your Saturday, wear sturdy shoes (no flip-flops) and comfortable clothing including long pants.  We will provide a helmet to wear for all of our Guests.

Your fun-filled Session at Remedy Ranch will include other activities such as a 5-15 minute chore chosen by you from the Chore Chart, horse safety, grooming and tacking up and riding a horse if desired.  We will teach you how to recognize when and how "your" special horse is communicating with you, and how he/she is looking for you to respond.


Our horses offer unconditional love and when the horse "joins up" with you, the horse is trusting you to be the leader.  It's amazing to see how the different horses respond to each individual that they meet.  Special relationships form that will change you forever. 

Our Guest Sessions are Free of charge on a space available basis, and we exist by the grace of God and His provisions through volunteer help, chores and donations of equipment and money.  While we will have an ear to listen to you describe your circumstances that led to experiencing trauma whether it be from widowhood, divorce, abuse, suicide survivor and/or physical pain or effects from experiencing the recent Thomas Fire, we do not provide "official" counseling services at the Ranch, but will be happy to refer you to professional counseling options.

For status of your Guest Application, please email us at: or call and leave a message at: 805-390-1670.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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